Environmental Commitment

Commitment to the Environment

Jubilee believes that the best strategy for sustainable development is the maintenance and improvement of existing urban areas. People walk more, bike more, and ride mass transit more in dense urban areas, and we save countless btus of embodied energy when we re-use buildings that are already standing. Almost everyone knows this: the problem is that Baltimore, like most American cities, does not offer enough dense areas that people want to live and work in.

Our environmental mission, then, is two-fold: to create sustainable environments, and to make people want them.

Jubilee’s most obvious environmental work is the restoration of more than 300 historic buildings in the heart of Baltimore City. Each of these construction projects used much less energy than new construction, and hundreds of people have moved from the suburbs, or from other cities, to make Baltimore better. When urban land is vacant, Jubilee builds new buildings to the highest standards of sustainable design and construction.

Our most recent project, City Arts, incorporates sustainable design elements in order to create a healthy building with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. The design of City Arts followed the Enterprise Green Communities criteria. Green building elements include: low VOC paints, adhesives and sealants; Urea Formaldehyde-free Composite Wood; Green Label Certified Floor Coverings. City Arts also meets the criteria for: Compact Development: New Construction, Walkable Neighborhood, and all elements of Smart Site Selection.