Choice Neighborhoods

Planning for Central West Baltimore
In 2009, community leaders from Madison Park, Bolton Hill and Eutaw Place began to work with Jubilee Baltimore to conceive the revitalization of a large section of Central West Baltimore, and work towards the removal of challenges left in place by Urban Renewal fifty years ago. Urban Renewal-era buildings were reaching the end of their design life, and community leaders wanted to ensure that redevelopment would help the surrounding neighborhoods to knit together, support good schools and shopping, and generally offer a good life to people of diverse backgrounds and incomes.  The community received strong support from Baltimore’s Department of Housing and Community Development and from Councilmember Bill Cole.

We rapidly agreed that we would need professional planning work, which would be expensive; so we began a search for money.

In March 2011, we found money.  Jubilee Baltimore won a $213,000 grant as part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Choice Neighborhoods grant program.  The Choice Neighborhoods planning area includes all or part of the neighborhoods of Bolton Hill, Druid Heights, Madison Park, Reservoir Hill, and Upton. 

Jubilee Baltimore engaged Goody Clancy, a nationally recognized planning firm to work closely with community members and local stakeholders in order to create a strategic vision to re-weave our neighborhoods.  The result is a plan for better housing, improved education, adequate neighborhood retail, and reduced crime and vacancy. 

About the HUD Choice Neighborhoods Grant
HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods initiative is designed to promote a comprehensive approach to transforming distressed areas of concentrated poverty into viable and sustainable mixed-income neighborhoods.  Building on the successes of HUD’s HOPE VI Program, Choice Neighborhoods will link housing improvements with a wider variety of public services including schools, public transit and employment opportunities. To learn more about Choice Neighborhoods, click here.