Central West Baltimore Planning initiative is a community based effort.  Jubilee led the project team that included the following organizations:


Jubilee Baltimore
Jubilee Baltimore is a non-profit developer and neighborhood revitalization organization.  Jubilee helps the people of Baltimore to build safe, stable, desirable, mixed-income neighborhoods through affordable housing development and neighborhood revitalization.

Jubilee Baltimore has developed more than 700 units of housing and has managed a number of large planning and implementation efforts, most prominently the Midtown Community Plan.

In Midtown, Jubilee managed a planning process for four mixed-race neighborhoods with a population of 13,000 and many of the city’s key cultural institutions.  Jubilee gathered data, recruited more than 200 community volunteers, led 120 separate work sessions, and produced an award-winning plan in 1999.  Out of this came the creation of the Midtown Development Corporation, which Jubilee has staffed since its inception in 2000.  Working as Midtown Development, Jubilee has renovated more than 125 Midtown buildings and created strong housing markets in neighborhoods that were previously in danger of catastrophic decline.

Goody Clancy
Goody Clancy is a nationally-recognized architecture, planning, urban design and preservation firm, dedicated to assisting in the re-emergence of older urban districts and neighborhoods as places of choice for the 21st century. Underlying all their work is the philosophy—and practice—of civic engagement. 

Goody Clancy has managed more than two dozen planning projects of a scale and complexity equal to or greater than the Central West Baltimore project, including planning for the redevelopment of Cabrini Green in Chicago and for rebuilding 20 square miles around Downtown New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. In each, Goody Clancy has organized broad-based stakeholder groups including residents, neighbors, businesses, and government officials.

Enterprise Community Partners
Enterprise is a leading provider of the development capital and expertise it takes to create decent, affordable homes and rebuild communities. For nearly 30 years, Enterprise has introduced neighborhood solutions through public-private partnerships with financial institutions, governments, community organizations and others that share our vision. Enterprise has raised and invested more than $11 billion in equity, grants and loans to help build or preserve more than 280,000 affordable rental and for-sale homes to create vital communities.

Since 1986, Enterprise has invested $650 million in Baltimore that has produce 13,000 affordable, workforce and market-rate homes, including Heritage Crossing, the award-winning redevelopment of a former public housing project; provided more than $40 million in capacity-building grants, technical assistance and training to community builders; and introduced a cutting-edge education initiative that resulted in significant gains in standardized tests, community resource centers, a girls’ mentoring program and a school-readiness program for pre-K children and their parents.

Planning Team Members

Planning, Architecture, Urban Design: Goody Clancy

Residential Market: Zimmerman Volk Associates 

Development Finance: W-ZHA

Retail: MJB Consulting

Housing Strategy: Enterprise Community Partners

Education: Enterprise Community Partners

Transportation: Kittelson Associates, Inc.

Workforce Training: Ann Donner

Civil Engineering: STV Inc.