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Healthy Neighborhoods

Healthy Neighborhoods Inc. (HNI) helps strong but undervalued neighborhoods increase home values, market their communities, create high standards for property improvements and forge strong connections among neighbors.  This revitalization strategy focuses on neighborhood strengths, amenities, resident involvement and leadership to create neighborhoods of choice.

Healthy Neighborhoods offers low interest purchase and rehab loans at 1% below the Fannie Mae rate and 110% appraised value.  Block and capital projects and neighborhood events are also supported by HNI financing to engage residents to forge stronger connection, attract new home buyers and create positive neighborhood images.

Here are just a few successful neighborhood projects supported by HNI funding:

  • Restoration of the Eutaw Place fountain
  • Alley gating on four corners in Mt. Vernon:  1300 block N. Calvert – 200 block E. Mt. Royal and 200 block E. Preston Streets
  • Neighborhood greening projects throughout Midtown
  • Painting community center Historic St. Mary’s Park in Seton Hill
  • Neighborhood festivals in Mt. Vernon and Seton Hill etc.

So how does HNI help?

  • provides capital for purchase and rehab by homeowners
  • provides professional advice for rehabbers
  • supports community projects with positive images
  • provides neighborhood marketing
  • provides performance measures
  • solicit partnerships
  • advocates for the HNI philosophy

And how do we know its working?

  • increased home values
  • rising tax base
  • decreased time on market
  • increased equity investments
  • neighborhood organization and activity