Project | MacGillivray’s- Mixed Use Redevelopment

900 N. Charles Street - Mixed Use Redevelopment

Working through our affiliate Midtown Development Corporation, Jubilee Baltimore restored the former MacGillivray's building at 900 North Charles Street, in Baltimore's historic Mt. Vernon neighborhood.

Located on an important corner, one block north of Mt. Vernon Place, the building came up for auction in 2003 and was at risk of demolition for a surface parking lot. In ten days, we organized 15 families to put up a quarter of a million dollars, obtained a bank commitment for the remainder, and bought the building at auction. We then oversaw a $1.5 million restoration to create six apartments and an elegant wine shop. For creating this unique partnership, the National Trust and HGTV gave the project a $60,000 prize and made a television show about it. Now, five years later, the project is successful and has spurred the renovation of the surrounding buildings.