Project | Central West Baltimore Planning

Central West Baltimore Planning

In 2009, community leaders from Madison Park, Bolton Hill and Eutaw Place began to work with Jubilee Baltimore to conceive the revitalization of a large section of Central West Baltimore.  Several large buildings were reaching the end of their design life, and community leaders wanted to ensure that redevelopment would help the surrounding neighborhoods to knit together, support good schools and shopping, and generally offer a good life to people of diverse backgrounds and incomes. 

In March 2011, Jubilee Baltimore, acting on behalf of its neighborhood partners, won a $213,000 grant as part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Choice Neighborhoods grant program.

Community Engagement
Jubilee Baltimore engaged Goody Clancy, a nationally recognized planning firm, to work closely with community stakeholders and create a strategic vision for our future.  The finished plan was submitted to the Baltimore City Planning Commission for adoption, making this plan the guide for the next generation of public and private investments in this important part of Baltimore.

This project created a strategy to reunite neighborhoods and plan for better housing, improved education, adequate neighborhood retail, and reduced crime and vacancy. 

Planning Area
The Choice Neighborhoods planning area includes all or part of the neighborhoods of Bolton Hill, Druid Heights, Madison Park, Reservoir Hill, and Upton. 

Project Partners
The Central West Baltimore Planning initiative is a community based effort. Partners include:

  • Bolton Park Neighbors, Inc.
  • City of Baltimore
  • Druid Heights Community Development Corporation
  • Enterprise Community Partners
  • Eutaw Place Improvement Association
  • Foresight Affordable Housing
  • Jubilee Baltimore
  • Madison Park Improvement Association
  • Midtown Development Corporation
  • Mount Royal Improvement Association
  • No Boundaries Coalition
  • St. Martin Church of Christ
  • Upton Planning Council
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development