Central Baltimore

Central Baltimore

Central Baltimore is the next great part of this reviving city.  Sandwiched between the reviving neighborhoods of Mt. Vernon and Charles Village, this “hole in the doughnut” is attracting new residents and sprouting galleries, studios, restaurants, and theatres.  Growth at the University of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins, and MICA is making the area attractive to young people; and the transformation of MICA from a little-known regional institution to one of America’s two top-ranked colleges of art  has made it possible for Central Baltimore to become a real arts district, something that Baltimore has sorely lacked.

Jubilee works closely with the Central Baltimore Partnership, a coalition of neighborhood, private, public and institutional interests that are implementing a comprehensive community development strategy in the Central Baltimore area.  Through skillful organizing, the Partnership has helped the stakeholders of a large, ailing part of the city to recognize common interests and work together on a common agenda.  The result is more progress than the area has seen in decades.

Jubilee does collaborative work in Central Baltimore every day.  Key activities include:


Jubilee’s first Central Baltimore project was City Arts, 69 affordable apartments for artists, built in partnership with Homes for America and TRF Development Partners.  Jubilee recently compelted a $19 million renovation of The Centre, located at 10 E. North Avenue in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.  The Centre brings several hundred jobs and millions of dollars of payroll to a North Avenue building that has been vacant for more than 20 years.


Jubilee has taken a lead role in planning for the redevelopment of Greenmount West, the residential half of the Station North Arts & Entertainment District.  Greenmount West is more than 50% vacant, and there is much planning to do!


Jubilee staff members co-chair and staff the Central Baltimore Partnership’s Residential Development and Marketing Task Force and help partners, community groups, and property owners every day.


Jubilee puts its fundraising skills to work for its partners.  In the past two years, Jubilee has raised $810,000 for projects in Central Baltimore.  Jubilee Baltimore takes financial responsibility and handles all reporting.


Jubilee’s core commitment is to mixed-income neighborhoods, and Jubilee staffs the Central Baltimore Resident Preservation Committee.

Additional Information

Visit Central Baltimore’s Neighborhood Website.